The Silver Economy's Timeline within Commercial Real Estate

The demand for facilities is increasing as the population ages and life expectancies rise.

The Silver Economy, which addresses the requirements and demands of seniors over 50, comprises a broad variety of goods and services that employ a wide range of technology, including home automation, sensors, and connected devices. The industry deals with the diverse and divergent spending patterns of working retirees and dependent older people, and it develops within a complicated financial environment that makes it difficult to define the stakeholder connections in the industry.

Independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing care are the four main types of senior housing that cater to people over 75. Nursing care is the most conventional and institutional of the four service kinds, whereas the other levels of care are more suitable for hotel and multifamily settings.

Real Estate funds give access to these types of assets

One of the most attractive typologies for real estate investment is senior housing, which is predicted to grow even more over the next ten years. Creating settings where individuals feel safe, supported, connected, and cared for. While investors and property buyers offer desirable senior living communities or strive to maximize investment returns. Additionally, it entails searching for suitable sites that let elders interact with the neighborhood and enjoy amenities away from their homes.

The Silver Economy can be very important for real estate. People should be able to continue contributing their knowledge and expertise to the community as long as there are places to live and facilities that cater to individual requirements and foster a secure atmosphere. These institutions might be able to accommodate people of different ages.

International Differences

Analyst, Alicia Moszkowski, who has vast experience developing the nation's retail business, explains “In the United States and Europe, nursing homes are an industry. There are multiple players, and the same player can have many residences. They are real chains in a developed world that has been on this path for more than 50 years. The potential of this new industry can provide more revenue to the state, more investments, new formal jobs and a higher level of service and an organic solution to the problem of aging.”

By 2034, the number of people 65 and older will surpass that of children for the first time in American history as the population ages. Nearly one in four Americans will be 65 years of age or older by 2060.

Past, Present, and Future 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the elder living industry faced difficulties with declining occupancy, bad press, and rising costs. The senior housing market was operationally ready for the pandemic, and the sector has infectious disease management procedures in place to deal with viruses and seasonal flu outbreaks.

In recent years, the Silver Economy has developed in reaction to the aging of the population in Europe. Even after retirement, older individuals continue to contribute significantly to the economy and society, and they can benefit society and the economy greatly, especially if they are in good health. The Silver Economy and the closely connected ideas of healthy aging, active aging, and age-friendliness need to be promoted, and programs need to be designed and put into place to do so. The suitable environment for executing the Silver Economy's basic ideals and reaching its potential will be created primarily by real estate facilities and specialized services.

The aging of the population will cause demand for senior living communities to keep increasing during this decade and then quickly increase over the following 20 years. Senior living is anticipated to play an increasingly important role as a result of increased acuity levels, longer life expectancies, and the need to meet the wellness and medical needs of seniors outside of traditional healthcare settings.

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