Rock-n-Data boosts its capital markets activity - Presse release

Rock-n-Data, a new proptech player, boosts its capital markets activity

Rock-n-Data, a new proptech startup born from the encounter between rock and data, has just been launched. We put innovation and data at the heart of our activity in order to support French public real estate investors in their different market approaches: competitive benchmarking, financial communication and investment.

On the data side, our online tool has the largest database of publicly open real estate funds with nearly 200 referenced funds: SCPI, OPCI, SIIC and real estate SCI. Our data platform, accessible at any time, contributes to the transparency of real estate savings products for the general public.

On the investment side, we are boosting our activity with a dedicated Capital Markets division (real estate transaction advisory).

With our two poles of expertise, we meet the needs of public real estate investors with whom we are in constant contact by providing them with a 360 ° view of the market.

The investment strategy of our investors known in real time by Rock-n-Data

We collect the investment strategies of our investors on a daily basis. This allows us to identify the best opportunities in accordance with investors criteria. Three months after the launch of our new website, we have the investment criteria of 172 investors who have made more than 11 billion euros of real estate investment in 2020, concentrated as follows:

We are positioned in all asset classes in France and in Europe, regardless of the volume of investment targeted.

“Rock-n-Data identifies assets in line with the investment strategies of our investors. By meeting their needs, our ambition is to support the performance of publicly open real estate funds" says Jonathan Dhiver, co-founder of Rock-n-Data.

€ 450 in opportunities identified and offered to our base of investors

Our methodology of sourcing real estate opportunities has already enabled us to identify and offer more than 45 opportunities for a volume of € 450 million adapted to the needs of our investors who have entrusted us with their investment criteria.

Here are the most sought after asset characteristics in 2021:

“Our internal algorithm also allows us to identify the most suitable investors based on a given investment opportunity and to speed up the presentation of the opportunity. With the Rock-n-Data investor module, our ambition is to become a major PropTech player of commercial real estate transaction" emphasizes Armand Franas, Head of Capital Markets at Rock-n-Data.

Published in : Press Release   By : Rock & DATA   On : April 29, 2021



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