Our 3 REITs in April

Each month, we will present you three REITs. For this first article, we decided to introduce you to Foncière Atland, Mercialys and Selectirente.

Our articles are not investment advice.

Foncière Atland

Foncière Atland is a property company which develops and manages real estate investment funds for individuals and professionals.

They develop investment, real estate fund management, real estate development and crowdfunding.

A true global player in the real estate sector, its 360-degree vision allowed them to demonstrate great resilience during this covid period.

The company invests in office assets, warehouses or local activities in Paris and the Ile de France region.

Today (07/04/2021), Foncière Atland's market capitalization is about €161 million. The share price is €35.80, a discount of -19.00% compared to the revalued net assets per share.


Mercialys is one of the main French Real Estate Investment Trust invested in shopping malls and retails in the city centre.

It owns 53 sites representing more than 840,000 square metres of retail operations in metropolitan France and overseas. The property management company develops a global vision around the proximity and anticipation of new buying behaviors. Their servicial, adjusted and flexible approach to the catchment areas in which their sites are located are all arguments for investors to believe in Mercialys for future.

As proof, Mercialys' share price has risen by 38% since the beginning of the year. At 07/04/2021, it is €10.02 for a discount of more than 50% compared to net assets revalued per share.


Selectirente is a French Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a property company specialized in convenience stores and local retail businesses

With a portfolio of more than €400 million located more than 60% in Paris Intra-Muros, its strategic will revolves around the enhancement and development of its commercial heritage of the city centre in the most dynamic French and European cities. Its assets are mainly leased to national distribution brands and independent brands.

In 2020, its stock market price rose by 0.55%, thus being part of the very closed circle of property with positive results. At 07/04/2021, the share price is €87.50, a discount of more than 7% compared to net assets revalued per share.

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