Performances of SCPI in 2020

As we approach the deadline for the submission of the quarterly reports of the SCPI (Public Real Estate Investment Vehicles), our Rock-n-Data team is delighted to share with you the screening of each SCPI performance allowing you to follow the whole market of this investment product.


Since mid-January, the asset management companies of SCPIs have been publishing the quarterly statements for the fourth quarter of 2020 for managed vehicles, making it possible to wrap up annual performances as it comes to dividend distributions and price revaluations, measured by the TDVM (Market Value Distribution Rate), and VPM (Variation in the Average Price) being the key performance indicators of SCPIs.

Few days before the publication of our global analysis of French public real estate market, we invite you to check up our summary of SCPIs performances in terms of return (based on the sample of 102 SCPI analyzed for this quarter by our analysts).

As a reminder, the SCPI (Public Real Estate Investment Vehicle) is an investment organization that allows individuals to access real estate assets through the subscription of shares via the management company.

The SCPI invests money collected from investors in commercial real estate (retail, offices, hotels, etc.) in order to distribute dividends from rents generated. A professional asset management company is responsible for all management of the real estate portfolio all along the life cycle of a building (from acquisition, via leasing to general maintenance of buildings)

SCPIAsset Manager2019 Dividend return (TDVM)2020 Dividend return (TDVM)
SCPI EurionCorum AMN/A10.40%
SCPI Iroko ZenIrokoN/A7.56%
SCPI Atlantique Pierre 1Paref Gestion6.12%6.62%
SCPI Coeur de RégionsSogenial6.25%6.30%
SCPI PF Hospitalité EuropePerial AMN/A6.25%
SCPI Kyaneos PierreKyaneos Asset Management6.81%6.07%
SCPI ActivImmoAlderanN/A6.05%
SCPI Vendôme RégionsNorma Capital6.10%6.02%
SCPI NEONovaxia Investissement6.47%6.00%
SCPI Corum OriginCorum AM6.25%6.00%
SCPI Corum XLCorum AM6.26%5.66%
SCPI CAP Foncières et TerritoiresFoncieres et Territoires5.34%5.63%
SCPI CifocomaParef Gestion4.22%5.56%
SCPI Ufifrance ImmobilierPrimonial REIM4.95%5.52%
SCPI OptimaleConsultim AMN/A5.52%
SCPI Capiforce PierreFiducial Gérance5.98%5.50%
SCPI Immo PlacementAtland Voisin5.51%5.50%
SCPI Epargne PierreAtland Voisin5.85%5.38%
SCPI Coeur de VilleSogenial5.30%5.30%
SCPI Actipierre 3AEW Ciloger5.15%5.24%
SCPI Actipierre 2AEW Ciloger5.46%5.22%
SCPI Altixia Cadence XIIAltixia REIM6.12%5.13%
SCPI Foncière des PraticiensFoncière Magellan5.10%5.10%
SCPI PrimopierrePrimonial REIM5.92%5.04%
SCPI Altixia CommercesAltixia REIM6.28%5.03%
SCPI MyShareSCPIAtland Voisin5.00%5.00%
SCPI Pierval SantéEuryale Asset Management5.05%4.95%
SCPI Fructirégions EuropeAEW Ciloger4.39%4.88%
SCPI Le Patrimoine FoncierAestiam4.71%4.86%
SCPI Cristal RenteInter Gestion5.02%4.84%
SCPI Efimmo 1Sofidy4.97%4.80%
SCPI Aestiam Placement PierreAestiam4.92%4.75%
SCPI Actipierre 1AEW Ciloger4.83%4.71%
SCPI Atlantique Mur RégionsAtlantique Gérance4.87%4.71%
SCPI Interpierre FranceParef Gestion5.00%4.70%
SCPI CM-CIC Pierre InvestissementCM-CIC Scpi Gestion4.30%4.65%
SCPI Fair InvestNorma Capital4.35%4.54%
SCPI PF Grand ParisPerial AM4.38%4.53%
SCPI LF Opportunité ImmoLa Française REM5.04%4.52%
SCPI Novapierre AllemagneParef Gestion4.45%4.51%
SCPI EurovalysAdvenis REIM4.50%4.50%
SCPI PFO2Perial AM4.61%4.50%
SCPI PrimoviePrimonial REIM4.51%4.50%
SCPI AedificisMIDI 2i0.00%4.50%
SCPI UnideltaDeltager4.85%4.48%
SCPI ImmorenteSofidy4.64%4.42%
SCPI LF Grand Paris PatrimoineLa Française REM4.28%4.41%
SCPI Epargne FonciereLa Française REM4.40%4.40%
SCPI Foncière RemusatAtland Voisin5.31%4.40%
SCPI SofipierreSofidy4.51%4.39%
SCPI Eurofoncière 2La Française REM4.43%4.34%
SCPI Affinités PierreGroupama Gan REIM5.24%4.32%
SCPI Pierre ExpansionFiducial Gérance5.00%4.31%
SCPI BurobouticFiducial Gérance4.42%4.27%
SCPI PFOPerial AM4.92%4.24%
SCPI Ficommerce EuropeFiducial Gérance4.57%4.13%
SCPI Atout Pierre DiversificationAEW Ciloger4.14%4.11%
SCPI Immo EvolutifAEW Ciloger4.00%4.11%
SCPI Selectinvest 1La Française REM4.16%4.10%
SCPI ElialysAdvenis REIMN/A4.10%
SCPI SoprorenteBNP Paribas REIM4.10%4.08%
SCPI Selectipierre 2Fiducial Gérance3.56%4.07%
SCPI Pierre PrivilègeLa Française REM4.36%4.05%
SCPI Carac Perspectives ImmoAtream4.14%4.05%
SCPI Pierre CapitaleSwiss Life AM4.50%4.05%
SCPI Allianz PierreImmovalor Gestion4.20%4.04%
SCPI LF EuropimmoLa Française REM4.05%4.02%
SCPI Credit Mutuel Pierre 1La Française REM4.00%4.00%
SCPI Multimmobilier 2La Française REM4.21%4.00%
SCPI NotapierreUnofi-Gestion d'Actif4.00%4.00%
SCPI Accimmo PierreBNP Paribas REIM4.01%3.81%
SCPI France InvestipierreBNP Paribas REIM4.06%3.80%
SCPI EdissimmoAmundi Immobilier4.00%3.78%
SCPI GenepierreAmundi Immobilier4.22%3.78%
SCPI Pierre SélectionBNP Paribas REIM4.35%3.75%
SCPI Accès Valeur PierreBNP Paribas REIM4.02%3.72%
SCPI Cifocoma 2Paref Gestion4.09%3.70%
SCPI Novapierre 1Paref Gestion4.21%3.69%
SCPI Elysées PierreHSBC REIM3.64%3.64%
SCPI PierrevenusAestiam4.69%3.54%
SCPI Laffitte PierreAEW Ciloger4.03%3.49%
SCPI Rivoli Avenir PatrimoineAmundi Immobilier3.65%3.48%
SCPI PrimofamilyPrimonial REIM4.03%3.45%
SCPI Pierre PlusAEW Ciloger4.10%3.44%
SCPI Actipierre EuropeAEW Ciloger4.00%3.43%
SCPI Aestiam Pierre RendementAestiam4.59%3.42%
SCPI Patrimmo CommercePrimonial REIM4.61%3.41%
SCPI FructipierreAEW Ciloger4.25%3.36%
SCPI Immorente 2Sofidy2.95%2.96%
SCPI Pierre AltitudeAtream1.20%2.81%
SCPI ATREAM HôtelsAtream4.75%2.37%
SCPI Opus RealBNP Paribas REIM2.88%2.25%
SCPI Novapierre RésidentielParef Gestion1.96%2.08%
SCPI Logipierre 3Fiducial Gérance5.03%1.75%
SCPI Novapierre Allemagne 2Paref Gestion0.00%1.61%
SCPI Aestiam Cap'HebergimmoAestiam4.72%1.43%
SCPI SofiprimeSofidy0.41%0.38%
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